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The weekend 21/22 May 2016 saw all Regions holding the National Rally at various venues around the country. Notably Rally Natal and Banana Games as well as the Pedal Car ONE Hour endurance race was held at Karridene resort on the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast on this weekend. We have collected a few photographs from some of the Rallies and have posted them in the Gallery above. Simply click on the appropriate button above and you will be able to view the pictures.


                                               What an Honour

A while ago I wrote an article for insertion in the Homestead News. “Why belong to the Club”. One so often hears people say, “ What do we get out of being a member of the Caravan Club”. It’s like everything in life, it’s what you want to get out of life. That saying from the American President   “Think not what your country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your country”. Is so apt, we joined the CCSA in 1978 after a few rallies there were a few things that bothered me, I could also have sat on the fence and complained but I believe the only way to change anything was to get involved on committee. That was 37 years ago and I am still fully committed with the support of my wife.

In 1983 the Booker’s transferred to our region, and before long they were also appointed onto the committee. The four of us have continued keeping our happy little region going forward. We have been fortunate to always have had happy members in the regions. Like all regions there are ups and downs.

For the past +-35 years we have all four been involved on committee and were awarded Honorary Regional Membership. Over the years it is the norm to come off committee and then they are short of committee members so back on you go. We have got a lot out of caravanning with the CCSA be it with rallies, tours, conventions or special events. We have always thoroughly enjoyed being involved. Made many friends over the years through caravanning and have nurtured a special relationship with the Booker’s over the years, our two families having the same feelings towards our region and Alfred County has always been dear to our hearts. What we have done over the years for County has been a pleasure; we never expected any recognition for this. So it was very touching when at the last Convention we were awarded the Jan & Winnie Heyneke Cup “For going the extra Mile”. We would like to thank all those who were involved in the decision making for this prestigious award. It really is very special to us, I am sure there are also many other committee members who have done the same over the years. This came as a very pleasant surprise to the four of us and God willing I am sure we will still be doing this for many many more years to come.

Our regional slogan is “Caravanning with County is lekka” and this it is!

Louis & Marilyn Mante and Neil & Glenda Booker.