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For a modest Joining Fee of R170.oo and an Annual Subscription of R510.00 you can enjoy the benefits of being a member of South Africa’s largest Caravan Club.

Some of the benefits include reduced subscription rates for selected magazines, discounted park fees when joining a Rally and most importantly the camaraderie and friendship experienced in a Club environment.


Please read the Code of Conduct  that appears at the bottom of this Page before filling in the Application Form as you will be required to acknowledge your acceptance of it when submitting.

Click on the Province in which you reside from the list below  and the online Application Form will open for you to complete.

Fill in all required details marked with an * and tick the acceptance Checkbox before submitting the form. You are not under any financial obligation until your Application for Membership has been accepted.

Someone will respond to you shortly and, once your application has been finalised, will assist you in being allocated to a Region most appropriate for you


(Gauteng, Limpopo, North West & Mphumalanga)




The Caravan Club of Southern Africa is a Family orientated club that promotes high moral standards and every Member of the Club shall conform to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. To keep his car and caravan in good roadworthy condition and to ensure that the caravan complies with the requirements of the National Road Traffic Act (Act no 93 of 1996) and any amendments thereto.
  2. To insure car and caravan in Accordance with such Motor Vehicle Insurance Laws as apply and to obtain the necessary endorsement of the car policy if that is required when towing a caravan.
  3. To cause as little inconvenience to other traffic as possible by keeping well to the left or giving way to faster traffic and to travel at a reasonable speed considering the condition and width of road and with special regard to the ability to stop or to the behaviour of the caravan at various speeds.
  4. Not to tow a caravan with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) that exceeds the Tare weight of the towing vehicle as prescribed by the relevant National Road Traffic Act.
  5. To ensure that the driver of the towing vehicle has been qualified with the correctly coded driver’s licence.
  6. To secure the previous permission of the owner of the land or site on which he desires to place the caravan, and to pay just dues.
  7. To place the caravan where it will not interfere with the convenience and enjoyment of others.
  8. To dispose of all rubbish and waste where facilities are available for doing so; where no facilities exist, to bury it or take it with him when he leaves and to dispose of it in a proper manner when he is in a position to do so.
  9. To keep the pitch scrupulously neat and tidy, to leave it in as clear a condition as possible and not to foul the ground with waste-water.
  10. To observe a standard of behaviour which will not cause undue disturbance or annoyance to fellow caravanners and others.
  11. To merit and win the regard of all land and site owners and road users, so that the Members of the Caravan Club will be regarded as persons beyond reproach.
  12. To be particularly careful with regard to open fires and avoid all possibility of damage to property, trees etc.
  13. To show courtesy and consideration to all with whom he comes into contact, to help other caravanners and campers in need of assistance.
  14. To not make use of Club Insignia for the purpose of promoting any trade or profession or for any other form of advertising.
  15. To not post any article to or comment on any negative publication appearing on any Social Media platform in a manner that will bring the Caravan Club of Southern Africa into disrepute.