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Mission Statement

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa undertakes to make the benefits of belonging to the Club so attractive that caravaners will wish to join us, and we will welcome them and nurture them into our activities until they are fully integrated into our midst.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we sometimes have to change Rally Venues

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa is the largest Caravan Club in Southern Africa and holds 6 National Rallies per year on pre-determined dates on which every Region in South Africa will hold a Rally. Every 3rd year Rally South Africa is held in which case there are 7 National Rallies in that particular year.
In addition to this our Regions hold as many as six Regional Rallies making it possible for members to get away as often as one weekend per month.
We are a family orientated Club and our Code of Conduct, which every member is expected to abide by, ensures that the image of the CCSA is held in high regard by the general public, fellow campers, the resorts we frequent and fellow road users.


Over the past few weeks there has been much commentary written on Social Media about caravanners being pulled over by the traffic authorities and receiving hefty fines for rigs caravans not being compliant with the Tare and Gross weights stipulated on the Manufacturer’s plates and Licence discs.

Caravan & Outdoor Magazine have published an article on this subject and it will be worth your while by clicking HERE to read this document.

An article has also been published by the Wegry magazine and gives a very good insight into how to determine how much you can and cannot load into your caravan as well as your limitations with your tow vehicle. It is published in Afrikaans and can be read by clicking HERE

Jurgens CI have also responded to the questions raised on social media and we will advise accordingly as and when we receive further information


Midlands Region will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary at their November 2016 Rally. We congratulate them this achievement and look forward to them celebrating many more milestones


One of the things we can be certain of in today’s world is that there is always change. As a club this is one of the challenges we have to face and adapt to in order to maintain and hopefully grow our membership.

Bradley Salters, Managing Director of Jurgens CI recently gave his views on the changing trends in the Leisure World in an interview with Land Rover Africa Magazine which makes for interesting reading.

Click HERE to read this article


The January 2017 edition of the South African Association for Retired Persons Newsletter has been released and can be read online by clicking HERE

They are offering special rates on motor insurance for Senior Citizens. You can get more information and quotes by emailing them at


The 2017 Rally Fixture List is now posted to the Website. Hover your mouse pointer over the “Regions” tab and click on “Rally Fixtures” and then navigate to the various Provincial Fixtures.


The 2016 Summer Edition of the Homestead News has been uploaded to the Website and the link to direct readers to download the Newsletter has also been emailed to all Regional Committees to distribute to their members. You will also be able to access the newsletter by clicking on the "Homestead News" which appears when you navigate to the “News” tab on this page.


MASELSPOORT Caravan Park in Bloemfontein now offer CCSA members a 10% discount for any stay at their resort in their private capacity.

In addition to this benefit there is a loyalty benefit of 1 Free Night’s stay after any 10 Nights stay whether consecutive nights or not.

All that members have to do, is to prove membership by means of your membership card and then to ask for the discount when making the booking.

We thank Southern Free State Region for negotiating this benefit for our members

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa wishes all our visitors to our site a very Happy New Year

Wishing you 12 Months of success, 52 weeks of laughter,

365 days of fun, 8760 hours of joy, 525600 minutes of good luck and

31536000 seconds of happiness.